Access to information and a partnership with your investment firm is important to your long term investment success. At Hotchkis & Wiley, our marketing and client service professionals average 22 years of industry experience and 14 years with the firm. Every client benefits from the highest level of communication and insight available from a relationship with our long tenured team.

Nigel Hurst-Brown
Chief Executive
Hotchkis & Wiley Ltd
20 Years with H&W
41 Years of Experience

Peter Clarke, CIMA®
Managing Director
15 Years with H&W
16 Years of Experience

Pat McMenamin
Managing Director
23 Years with H&W
33 Years of Experience

Matt Michaelson
Managing Director
5 Years with H&W
15 Years of Experience

Mary Papamarkou
Managing Director - Mutual Fund Distribution
12 Years with H&W
26 Years of Experience

Chris Roller, CIMA®
Managing Director – Head of Mutual Fund Marketing
& Distribution
16 Years with H&W
19 Years of Experience

Kristin Smith, CFA, CPA
Managing Director
19 Years with H&W
24 Years of Experience

Karen Bynum II
Managing Director
26 Years with H&W
29 Years of Experience

Caitlin Kim
18 Years with H&W
21 Years of Experience

Mark McMahon
Managing Director
11 Years with H&W
27 Years of Experience

Karen Rodriguez, CIMA®
Senior Associate
11 Years with H&W
24 Years of Experience

Margo Sandjian
Senior Associate
21 Years with H&W
21 Years of Experience