Mid-Cap Value

Strategy & Objective

Strategy Description
The Mid-Cap Value strategy has a successful track record dating back more than 22 years. The goal of the strategy is to exploit market mispricings that result from Wall Street’s limited coverage of mid-cap stocks. We seek to capitalize on these opportunities by applying a consistent investment process centered on a balanced assessment of return and risk. Our focus is on mid-cap companies with sustainable cash flows and strong balance sheets whose stocks appear undervalued relative to their tangible assets and long-term normal earnings power. Portfolio construction is based on rigorous, independent research and bottom-up security selection.

What to Expect

  • Exposure to medium capitalization, undervalued equities
  • Price-to-normal earnings lower than the benchmark
  • Active, bottom-up management unconstrained by the benchmark
  • Controlled asset level that preserves the integrity of the investment process
  • Thoroughly researched ideas vetted by an experienced team of 22 investment analysts

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As of 9/30/2019

Asset Class Mid-Cap Value Equity
Style Benchmark Russell Midcap Value
Broad Benchmark Russell Midcap
Strategy Assets (millions) $1,865
Number of Stocks 50 – 80
Typical Market Cap Range $500 million to $20 billion
Status Open to new investors

Investment Team
We employ a team approach to investing. As such, our clients benefit from the input and contribution of every member of our 22-person investment team. In addition to our Portfolio Managers, our sector teams play an important role in determining the positioning of your investment strategy.