Capital Income

Strategy & Objective

Strategy Description
The Capital Income strategy leverages our expertise in researching equity and high-yield securities to construct a portfolio emphasizing high current income. The majority of the portfolio is invested in dividend-paying stocks and high-yield credits. Up to 20% can be invested in other corporate income-producing securities such as preferred equities and convertible bonds. While our focus is on income generation, we seek undervalued securities with the potential for price appreciation. Capital Income employs a bottom-up, flexible asset allocation methodology, supplemented by a quantitative asset allocation model.

What to Expect

  • A focus on income generation
  • 40–60% invested in dividend-paying value equities (40–60 stocks)
  • 40–60% invested in high-yield corporate securities (100–125 bond issuers)
  • Thoroughly researched ideas vetted by an experienced team of 22 investment analysts

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As of 9/30/2019

Asset Class Hybrid
Benchmark S&P 500
Benchmark ICE BofAML U.S. Corporate, Government
& Mortgage
Strategy Assets (millions) $23
Number of Stocks 40 – 60
Number of Bond Issuers 100 – 125
Typical Market Cap Range >$1 billion (stocks)
Status Open to new investors

Investment Team
We employ a team approach to investing. As such, our clients benefit from the input and contribution of every member of our 22-person investment team. In addition to our Portfolio Managers, our sector teams play an important role in determining the positioning of your investment strategy.