Hedged Value

Strategy & Objective

Strategy Description
The Hedged Value Strategy is a value-oriented long/short strategy with a focus on investing in opportunities across the market capitalization spectrum in the U.S. and international markets. The strategy seeks to consistently achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through all market conditions with low correlation to long-only markets.  Leveraging the 22+ person research team, which averages 20 years of industry experience and 14 years with the firm, the strategy invests in mispriced securities identified through a disciplined, bottom-up research process centered on valuation.  We are committed to control assets under management to preserve the strategy’s integrity and limit liquidity risk.  

What to Expect

  • Typical exposure: 150-180% gross, 30-60% net
  • Top 10 positions: 30-50% of portfolio
  • Thorough, proprietary, disciplined research
  • Limited use of leverage

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As of 6/30/2017

Asset Class Long/Short Equity
Strategy Assets (millions) $60
Geographic focus Global
Market cap focus All market caps
Typical gross exposure 150-180%
Typical net exposure 30-60%
Status Open to new investors

Investment Team
We employ a team approach to investing. As such, our clients benefit from the input and contribution of every member of our 22-person investment team. In addition to our Portfolio Coordinators, our sector teams play an important role in determining the positioning of your investment strategy.